Our Different Kind Of Beach Bonding

Priscila with daughter, Jessica, at Cabo Expeditions' 5th Beach CleanupWhen you talk about family and bonding, you don’t usually think ‘Hey, let’s preserve the vast gifts of nature today!’, do you? Well, when you’re with Cabo Expeditions, you do.

For 3 years now, Cabo Expeditions’ conservation mission has covered beach and underwater cleanups. I’ve never missed a single one. Neither have my children. It’s funny that back in 2009, I had to drag Jessica and Andre to the first beach cleanup. They thought, ‘How dirty can a beach get?’ Boy, were they surprised! After seeing litter upon litter on what used to be a lovely beach, now they don’t need to be asked twice.

Priscila bonding with kids while helping clean up a beachLast May marked our returned to Playa Empacadora—one of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos, Mexico—which unfortunately meant it was one of those that accumulate the most garbage, too. My children and I, along with a hundred more participants, spent 2 hours of 4 days picking up cigarette butts, beer cans, and tissue paper off the shore. We collected a grand total of 1.5 tons of trash—mostly beer cans. Can you believe that?!

My kids, who have long gotten into the spirit of conservation, are pretty proud of themselves knowing that the busiest beaches in the Sea of Cortez is now also one of the cleanest. With the whole clean up team, we vowed to cover a wider area soon so that all beaches are swept free of debris and brought back to their gloriously pristine state.

Tiny tot doing his share to help the environmentThe highlight after all our hard work was the Cabo Submarine eco-adventure. All of the participants were treated to Cabo Submarine’s one-hour journey up close and personal with Cabo’s abundant marine life. Jessica and Andre were thrilled to get the special underwater treatment. They felt like tourists! Perfect way to cap a well-spent day and reward a job well done.

That’s how I help in our conservation mission, one beach at a time. And how I bond with my kids and teach them a valuable lesson in nature care, all at the same time.

So, how did you spend quality time with your kids today?