An Unforgettable Birthday at Espiritu Santo Island

“We went on the Espiritu Santo Island Expedition to celebrate my birthday and I will cherish the memories.”

It’s a full day but everything is taken care of for you. We were picked up at 6am for the 2 hr trip to La Paz. Along the way we stopped for an authentic Mexican breakfast which was the perfect way to break up the ride. The roads are new and our driver was awesome covering the miles at a safe but quick pace to get us to La Paz.

The highlight of course was snorkeling with the sea lions. Alberto snorkeled with us. There were 12 of us on the boat which worked out well. After having lunch on the most beautiful beach and relaxing we stopped at another snorkel site and saw beautifully colored fish.

The day was long but completely worth it and an experience I highly recommend. We found many of the locals where we were staying haven’t been to La Paz and Espiritu Santo Island and were asking questions. Special thanks to our guide Alberto, boat captain Javier and our van driver whose name escapes me. They were all super professional and well versed for this expedition.

A guest celebrates her birthday with Cabo Expeditions at Espiritu Santo Island. Please follow this link to read the full review on TripAdvisor.

Beto’s Professionalism Makes an Impression

“Espiritu Santo Island Expedition – life changing!”

Our tour guide, Alberto, was welcoming, professional, and extremely intelligent. Other people on our tour had some fantastic (and random) questions about Mexico, the Cabo area in general, and he answered all of them with a smile. He was certified across a variety of professions and is a Divemaster, so we all felt very safe swimming in the ocean.

One of our guests talks about Beto’s professionalism on TripAdvisor. Please follow this link to read the full review.