Meaningful Travels!

Oscar Ortiz, Owner of Cabo ExpeditionsThe first time I witnessed the amazing undersea world of the Sea of Cortez, I wanted to share that secret, sparkling world with all my friends. It wasn’t long before I started out—with just two boats, one tour and a team of three. Today we have nearly 60 full-time English-speaking staff and 11 boats and are the company of choice by thousands each year.

Driving our success is a dedication to professionalism, learning and safety. Our values reflect an equal commitment to customer satisfaction, respect for nature, and loyalty to each other. I wanted to set the example at Cabo Expeditions that going the extra mile comes standard, and that’s become our motto.

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About Oscar

Oscar founded the company in 1997. He was born and raised in Mexico City, where he studied Tourism Administration.

Oscar is devoted to his family. He values the inner peace that comes with perseverance and loyalty. Oscar is also an avid photographer, so many of the company’s images are his. They reflect his creativity and passion.

Favorite stories: The six-year-old who could identify different whale species. From a collection of miniatures she pointed to a toy gray whale and said “I want to see this whale!” Now 18, she and her mom have been coming back ever since.

Then there was the humpback tangled in a fishing net that Oscar helped to rescue. “I was able to at look at it eye-to-eye, soul-to-soul. When I hugged her and kissed her above the eye, I felt she was grateful for our help.”

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