Espiritu Santo Island Expedition: Your Adventure Is My Adventure

Espiritu Santo Island Expedition van of Cabo ExpeditionsAs usual, I was up early, and perky. Today, I was taking a couple to Espiritu Santo for their honeymoon. I’ve done this countless times. But the thrill of taking people to the wonderful ‘jewel of the Sea of Cortez’ never grows old.

The lovebirds will start their trip in Cabo San Lucas. From there, a van will take them to La Paz. Then, together, we’ll ride a boat to the protected reserve that is Espiritu Santo. That gives me plenty of time to prepare. Not that I need to. I know Espiritu Santo’s inspiring history by heart. How it was once privately owned until a coalition of leaders persuaded the government to purchase it in 2003. How this makes the island the first conservation purchase of the Mexican government. How since then, its riches and untouched beauty have affected people in many different ways. The pristine beaches can make them gasp with awe. The rich and diverse ecosystem can make them giddy like children. The stunning natural scenery can almost make them cry.

David and Tracy Cherkis, Cabo Expeditions guestsAs I sit here waiting for the couple’s arrival, memories of past Espiritu Santo Island Expeditions flash through my mind. Not one story is ever the same. Not one experience is ever forgettable.

I remember once taking a knowledgeable geologist on this journey. Not only did he help me impart information to the other guests, but I also learned a lot from him.

One Christmas, there was a couple who brought Santa hats with them and took photos of themselves with Los Islotes in the background. As soon as they got home, they sent me a copy of those festive photos via email. We’ve kept in touch as good friends.

three sea lions and a seagull at Espiritu SantoAlso, one of my favorites was when a group of young guests ventured into Los Islotes to visit its important reproductive colony for over 300 sea lions. This spectacle can be observed all year round. But we were lucky to be there in the spring when the female sea lions give birth to spritely little pups. You can imagine how exciting snorkeling with these adorable social animals is. They’re curious and playful, nibbling on the guests’ snorkels and fins – much to the guests’ (and sea lions’) delight.

On this island, guests realize that nature and man can co-exist without man having to harm the natural balance of life around him. Just as conservation protects the island, the eco-adventures open the mind.

And now, I just heard the van stop up front. That’s my cue to relive the Espiritu Santo experience with wonderful people all over again. I can never be more thankful that I get to do this everyday.